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The Gospel is for Everyone

The Bible is the story of God making and keeping some wonderful, life-changing promises. Join us as Pastor Zach teaches from Acts 13, sharing who those promises are for and how that should change the way we live.

The Gospel, the Church, and the Mission

Join us as we read from the New Testament and learn how real transformation involves three parts: a heart changed by the gospel, a connection to the local church, and a missional lifestyle.

Rhythms of the Church - Effective Witnesses

As we get ready to launch Reimagine, the new vision for CCC might seem like everything feels new and different. But truthfully, Reimagine is just a way for CCC to take seriously and localize the mission of Jesus. In this message, Zach shares from Acts 17:16-34 how Paul is an excellent example of being a witness to his community. Tune in as we learn how to be an effective witness; we must have broken hearts, informed minds, a courageous spirit, and clear memories.

Rhythms of the Church - The Power of Conversion

Christianity has always been about a total transformation. Your trust goes from one thing to Jesus, and you're completely changed. Join us as we learn how Saul became Paul by coming into contact with the real God, knowing the living Jesus, and experiencing a life-changing relationship.

Rhythms of the Church - The First Church

As we go through the book of Acts, we hope that CCC can start to look more and more like the early church. We anticipate the same kind of excitement about the Gospel and the multiplication of Christians. But how do we get there? Tune in as Pastor Joe shares the three main characteristics of the first church and how they shape CCC's vision.

Rhythms of the Church - The Mission Starts with You

We desire to see a movement of God in Northeast Ohio, and as we study Acts, we see that starts with personal evangelism. We know we will never be successful in our mission of making disciples if we don't talk about Jesus with other people. But where do we start? Tune in as Pastor Zach shares from Acts 2 on why every person is called to have gospel conversations that are simple, biblical, relevant, and challenging.

Rhythms of the Church - The Center of a Movement

This week, Pastor Zach shared how at the center of every movement is a person who truly believes. If we want to see a movement of God, it begins with you living out your faith in a way that brings others in. Tune in as he shares how movements begin, die, and last.

Rhythms of the Church - We are Witnesses

In the book of Acts, we learn just how seriously the apostles took the mission and what can happen when people hear, believe, and respond to the gospel. The question we are left with is, “How can we make a similar impact today?”

Reimagine - Everywhere

Today, we finish our three-week sermon series introducing CCC's new vision for accomplishing the mission Jesus gave us: To make disciples of every nation. In past weeks, we have focused on spreading the gospel locally. This week, Pastor Joe explains how we can make an impact on an international level, striving to donate $30 million to global missions over the next 30 years. Hear how our giving has made an impact in the past and what we'll seek to achieve for God in the decades to come.

Reimagine – Every Community

This week, we continue diving into CCC’s recently unveiled 30-year vision for bringing the good news of Christ to the world around us. Pastor Joe explains Part 2 of the vision—our goal to plant 60 gospel-teaching churches on Northeast Ohio. Today, we celebrate the first two of those church plants, Story Church in Mayfield Heights and Wingfoot Church in Goodyear Heights, already holding their first services! Find out how our Orchard NEO team helped these churches get started, and how they are preparing to launch the next 58 church plants in our region.

Reimagine – Everyone

CCC has existed for 39 years as a place for people to come to know Jesus, grow in their personal relationships with him, and find their place serving him. While we’ve grown significantly since we first opened our doors, our dedication to that core mission has never changed. Over time, we have rallied around annual themes that challenge us to grow spiritually and better love those around us. We have started campuses and seen them become independent. We have begun church planting through Orchard NEO. Now, we have been prayerfully considering the right long-term vision for our church, and we’re ready to unveil that vision to guide us for the next 30 years. This week, hear Pastor Joe explain not only what’s next for the church, but how it connects to what’s next for you, too.

Letter of Love - The Marks of a Christian

Letter of Love - Don't Love the World

In 1 John 2:15-17, we are warned against loving the world and the things in it, as the "world and its desires pass away." But what does that actually mean? Aren't we supposed to care for the world we live in and the people who inhabit it? Are we supposed to seclude ourselves from the world to avoid loving what's around us more than God? It's a confusing verse on the surface, but as Pastor Joe explains, the real message is about keeping our focus on serving God's kingdom rather than serving ourselves or desiring what's around us. Tune in this week to hear our latest reminder of how deeply God loves us, and how that love can be truly life-changing.

Letter of Love - What Kind of Love?!

We are all children of God, as 1 John 3:1-3 tells us, for all who have hope in Jesus have his purity transferred onto themselves, receiving God's blessings. It's great news, as it means we receive a love we could never earn purely by the grace of God and the actions of Jesus. So the question is: Are you living as a child of God? Are you finding yourself drawn towards following God and flourishing as the person he made you to be, or are you trying to earn his love or acting like you deserve his blessings? This week, Pastor Joe explains what it means to not only recognize a love that is freely given, but respond as it calls and transforms us.

Letter of Love - God is Love

God looked at us, each and every one of us, at our worst and even then thought we were so lovable and so worth it that he gave his own Son for us. We are loved by a father who has seen us in our lowest moments, who has known the depth of every sin and the weaknesses of our hearts, and still says we are worth dying for. This weekend, Pastor Zach reminded us to grab hold of the love of Christ and lean further into trusting him. He challenged us in that if the love of God is not radiating from us, we may be missing it altogether. Wherever you find yourself, know that you are personally known and fully loved by the God of the universe, and that he invites you to let his love change you and your circumstances today.

Letter of Love - You Are A Mess

Why does it sometimes appear that people have it together? Why do we try so hard to do things on our own? It’s because we’re deceived. Deep down, all of us fail to see the depth of our sinfulness and desperation for Jesus—and we don’t run to him to be our Savior as a result. This weekend, Pastor Joe reminded us that we desperately need Jesus—every moment of our lives. We are not as good as we think we are. But there’s good news. When we realize how desperately we need a Savior—and that Jesus bought our forgiveness on the cross—we can fully abandon the idea that we can do it alone, and run to Jesus, our advocate, and receive grace and forgiveness for our sins.

Letter of Love - The Letter of Love

We often think that a relationship with Jesus equates to just knowing about him, but when we come to know Jesus—to really know him—we experience fullness of joy and real relationship with God. Everything changes when we come face to face with our good Father. And thankfully, we can know God fully and personally because of Jesus Christ. This weekend, we kicked off our Letter of Love message series in 1 John 1: 1–4.

All In - He Went All In For Me

This weekend, we wrapped up our All In message series with All In For Jesus. Pastor Joe gave us some good news, some bad news, and some big news from Matthew 5. The things of this world—relationships, friendships, lives—all pull apart from each other and God when they are left alone. But we are reminded of the good news: Jesus brought the salt that the world so desperately needs to preserve those relationships and the light to bring truth and love. We do not have a God who is a cosmic killjoy, but a God who loves us, pursues us, waits for us, and gives us Jesus.

All In - With Each Other

This weekend, Pastor Joe taught us about being all in with each other and reminded us of our critical need not only for God, but also for each other—we have a deep need for belonging and in that need, God gave us a way to recognize where we belong.

All In – With Jesus

In this week's message, ALL IN: With Jesus, we read Mark 4:35-41 as we learn something unique about storms, something amazing about Jesus, and what it looks like to traverse storms with Jesus.

Famous Stories of Love - Nathaniel

Jesus Christ sees you, knows the real you, and has opened his arms wide on the cross to receive you and love you. This weekend, we finished our series on Famous Stories of Love in John 1 with the story of Jesus calling Nathaniel. We were reminded that we cannot love God or others if we are not first loved by him, but that in Jesus Christ we are fully known and fully loved—our true fullness and acceptance comes from no other place than him. If there was ever a time to talk more, live more, be more about love, now is the time.

Famous Stories of Love - Lazarus

Sometimes in the middle of a story, it’s easy to doubt that God loves us. We often think that God’s love should fit into our timing and plans, but God knows exactly what we need, and our hard seasons are just the middle of the story. This weekend, Pastor Joe continued our message series with the story of Lazarus in John 11 and reminded us that whatever we go through, if we know Jesus, it’s the middle of the story. Your story ends well because you are part of the greatest story ever.

Famous Stories of Love - The Rich Young Ruler

This weekend, Pastor Zach gave a new perspective on God’s love through the story of the Rich Young Ruler in Mark 10. In our culture, love is often synonymous with affirmation. Yet, we are reminded in Jesus that real love is about someone caring enough to tell us the truth, and to risk whatever it takes to speak honestly. God invites us to see that his love is enough to tell you the truth and to risk what it takes. His love enables you to trust him, even when what he says is difficult to hear. His love reminds us that nothing is impossible with God.

Famous Stories of Love - Jesus Heals a Paralytic

This weekend, Pastor Zach continued our series on Famous Stories of Love with the story of Jesus Healing a Paralytic in Mark 2. We learned how we often try and define what it means for God to love us, that if he loved us, he would give us what we want. But God's love is so much greater than we can comprehend and he gives us the best gift: forgiveness for our sins. May this message help you reflect on the generous love of God and remind you that he loves us too much to give us too little.

Famous Stories of Love - The Prodigal Son (Part 2)

This weekend Pastor Joe continued the story of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 15. We learned why we love the stuff God gives us more than we love him, and how that leaves us empty and alone. The good news is we can come back to our senses and into a relationship with God by realizing how good he is, how much we’ve sinned against him, and that we need to stop making excuses for why we ran away. May this message remind you to trust in Jesus to lead you back to the Father to experience the amazing love he’s waiting to unleash on you.

Famous Stories of Love - The Prodigal Son (Part 1)

This weekend Pastor Joe took us through the story of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 15. We learned why we love the stuff God gives us more than we love him, and how that leaves us empty and alone. The good news is we can come back to our senses and into a relationship with God by realizing how good he is, how much we’ve sinned against him, and that we need to stop making excuses for why we ran away. May this message remind you to trust in Jesus to lead you back to the Father to experience the amazing love he’s waiting to unleash on you.

Famous Stories of Love - The Lost Sheep & Coin

This weekend Pastor Zach continued our message series with the parables Jesus told about the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin. We learned how far someone will go to find what they’ve lost shows just how much they value it. These stories illustrate the depth of Jesus’ love for you: he gave his very life to offer you forgiveness and mercy that would lead you back from a lost life to one reunited with God.

Famous Stories of Love - Nicodemus

This weekend Pastor Zach used the story of Nicodemus, the Pharisee known for visiting Jesus under cover of night, to show us that God loves difficult people – even those who are hard to teach or don’t want to risk their reputations by associating with him. After his loving encounter with Jesus, Nicodemus went from a man hiding in the shadows to living boldly for Christ, where all could see his affection for his Savior. What would your life look like if you really believed that God loves every version of you – even the most challenging one?

Famous Stories of Love - Peter

The love stories in the Bible are full of very real and raw portrayals of people. No sugar coating here—we see the good, the bad, and the ugly. This weekend, Pastor Joe showed us how the story of Peter, arguably the most powerful and prominent disciple, was no different. The good news is if someone can mess up as badly as he did, but still be loved by God, we can have hope too! May this message remind you that in your ugliest of moments where it’s hard to even love yourself, Jesus loves you at your best AND your worst, because to him, love always matters most.

Famous Stories of Love - The Good Samaritan

This weekend we continued our new message series, Famous Stories of Love, with the parable of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10. It's a familiar tale, but this time we looked at this story from a new perspective. There's plenty to learn from the Samaritan on how to be a good neighbor, but Pastor Zach showed us what we can learn from identifying with the man who was mugged and left for dead, with nothing to offer, and yet was still loved beyond measure.

Famous Stories of Love - The Sinful Woman

From cover to cover, the Bible is a story of God's love for you, but woven throughout are enchanting true tales of people who have found remarkable ways to love God and others, sometimes against all odds and always at great cost. These stories will fill your heart with gratitude for God's great love for you and inspire you to find bold ways to share his love with those around you. This weekend, Pastor Joe launched a series with the story of The Sinful Woman, found in Luke 7.

Easter at Home

Jesus was condemned by the religious elite, killed, and buried in a tomb. Three days later, he walked out of his grave, and as a result, the world changed forever. But that's not the end of the story. This story, the greatest love story the world has ever known, continues with you. Whether you've heard the Easter story dozens of times or never at all, we hope you were able to join us to celebrate what matters most: love.

The 10 Commandments - Do Not Covet

This week Pastor Joe took us through the final commandment: You shall not covet. So what's the harm in wanting something you don't have? Trying to keep up with the Joneses will never satisfy you. Plus, it's hard to really love your neighbor when you just want their stuff. Through this message, we learned that the secret to not coveting is to find contentment in God and his love for you. Fill up on his unending grace, and you'll realize you already have everything you could ever truly need.

The 10 Commandments - Do Not Lie

This week Pastor Zach took us through the ninth commandment: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. AKA: Don’t lie. It seems like a simple enough law to understand, but we learned how lying actually stems from our deep desires to be loved and to be cared for. So why does dishonesty matter so much to God? Because you thinking you need to lie to prove or protect yourself shows you ultimately don’t trust him with your life or your future. Next time you’re tempted to lie to earn someone’s affection or gain some sort of security, remind yourself of the gospel: that you’re already infinitely loved and cared for by what Jesus has done for you.

The 10 Commandments - Do Not Steal

This week Pastor Joe took us through the eighth commandment—thou shall not steal. We learned that stealing includes both wrong taking and wrong keeping. Both cause damage to not only the victim but the criminal. We know that the opposite of stealing is generosity. And how do we become generous people? We look at how Jesus become poor for us. We laugh at how the discomfort we feel pails in comparison, and we give freely. Many of you may have noticed that the seventh commandment on adultery was skipped in our journey through The Commandments. With the nature of the topic and so many online viewers, including small children, we thought it best that the message is released in the near future separately from our traditional weekend services.

Our Time To Shine

Well, this weekend definitely felt a little different! While we weren't able to be with you all in person, we are so grateful that we can still worship together online. Thanks for tuning in as Pastor Joe encouraged us to respond to current events with courage and compassion while others are filled with fear. It may feel like we are facing a mighty storm, but as followers of Jesus, we know we are safe in the boat with him. We believe that as the body of Christ, this is our time to shine. We encourage you to reach out to those around you. Think about your elderly neighbors or those who might not be able to provide for themselves. Give them some of your extra toilet paper! Live in a way that others know you're not controlled by fear.

The 10 Commandments - Do Not Murder

This commandment means more than you think, and we’re guilty of it in more ways than we think. When the sixth commandment says you shall not murder, it also means you shall value life. Therefore anything that damages people or devalues their worth is an affront on God himself. The good news? There is grace. The message of our Savior is that life is so meaningful, it’s worth dying to save.

The 10 Commandments - Honor Your Father and Mother

This weekend we continued in our series by learning about the fifth commandment– to honor your father and mother. We learned about the importance of honoring our parents, but most importantly how the gospel fits in this commandment. We talked about the deep secret: That we have a heavenly father who does not die, will never leave you, and can heal the wounds from your earthly parents.

The 10 Commandments - Work and Rest

This weekend we continued our series in The 10 Commandments by learning about the fourth commandment– the commandment to rest. We can give our work to God as a gift of love, but we should then view rest as God’s gift to us. If we try to find our worth in what we do, we will never rest and always be a slave. But if we find out wroth in Jesus and what he has done - we will know true rest, understanding that we are already loved.

The 10 Commandments - Don’t Speak for Me

This weekend we continued our series in The 10 Commandments by learning about the third commandment– do not take the Lord’s name in vain. Pastor Zach taught us why we should not speak for God, saying, “God told me this,” especially if it can’t be found in Scripture. Rather, we can know exactly what God says by looking to Jesus and reading his word in the Bible.

The 10 Commandments - Don’t Make Me Up

This weekend we continued our series in The 10 Commandments by learning why we shouldn't create images of God. Often times this leads us to create false ideas of who God really is. Instead, we can look to Jesus, who came to earth and revealed to us who the true God is.

The 10 Commandments - The 10 Commandments

This week we started our new sermon series in The 10 Commandments. We know that might seem weird since our new theme is Love Matters Most, but we also know that the entire Bible, cover to cover, rightly understood about love. We started by learning from Exodus 20:1-3, where the Israelites are commanded to have no other gods besides the Lord. Pastor Joe taught us that when God is at the center of our lives, we are then free to love others and God.

Love Matters Most - Love Beyond Measure

When Jesus tells us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and love our neighbor as ourself… that is a whole lot of love! But let’s be real, it can’t come from ourselves. It is from God through Jesus that we are filled with love beyond measure, and that love means a few things. First, we can know that the bad things that happen to us will be used for good. Second, we know that we can never lose the gift of God’s love. And third, we know that we have hope for the future because the best things are yet to come!

Love Matters Most - When Love Doesn’t Add Up

This week, Pastor Zach shared a powerful message about God’s love from Romans 5:6-9. We learned that God’s love for us is not mathematical. He does not love in the way we do, keeping track of who owes us something or who isn’t worth our time. Instead, God loves us at our worst by sending his best, Jesus Christ. Use the link below to learn more!

Love Matters Most - The Furious Love of God

Joe Coffey | This weekend we continued our series by learning about John 3:16, the most famous verse in the Bible. Whether it's through a sign at a football game or Sunday school as a kid, we've probably all heard this verse. But this weekend Pastor Joe taught us that it's more than just a comforting verse about how much God adores us. In reality, it is a rescue operation. And in reality, God's love should fill you with awe, fear, and wonder.

Love Matters Most

Joe Coffey | This weekend we kicked off Love Matters Most— our new theme that will carry us through September. From the beginning, people were created and called to love God and love others no matter the cost. But in a culture that often feels more divisive than unified, radical love is no easy task. In 2020, we want this church to be full of people that are marked by love—love for God and love for one another. Our year together will focus on loving others in a way that makes a difference wherever you are, and in a way that continues to make Jesus famous and transform lives. Will you join us?


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