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Surprisingly Simple - Generosity

Zach Weihrauch | This week, Pastor Zach taught us how generosity is a Surprisingly Simple Way to Make Jesus Famous. We learned that because God has shown his love for us by laying down Jesus' life for our behalf, we can trust him to take care of us. God looks out for our security and satisfaction so we don't half to. When we're able to lay those things down, we're able to truly be generous and take care of others. As we find intentional ways to care for others, we can show them God's love and make Jesus famous.

Surprisingly Simple - Forgiveness

Joe Coffey | Forgiveness is in no way easy, but it’s simple because every day we are given opportunities to offer someone forgiveness. And when we realize how much Jesus has forgiven us, we can no longer hold on to the hurt that has been done to us. Our only choice is to pay the debt ourself, and move forward. Tune in as Pastor Joe teaches on why the story Unmerciful Servant (Matthew 18:21-35) leads us to patience, pity, and release.

Hebrews Together - Jesus Is Greater Than the Latest Trend

Mike Holwerda | This week we learned about how Jesus is greater than any other trend or teaching. Pastor Mike Holwerda showed us how other popular teachings might seem fair, but in reality, they just give us a checklist that we could never keep in order to please God or obtain happiness. We need someone greater, so we look to Jesus. Jesus provided a way for us to be treated with grace, something the world cannot offer us. He checked off every box on the list and laid his life down so that we can receive grace for our past, present, and future sins. If we believe in Jesus, we receive his grace now and forever.

Hebrews Together - Jesus Is Greater Than Your Hero

Joe Coffey | The Bible shares stories about many different heroes who had unwavering faith in God—from Abraham to Moses to Rahab and countless others. All of their stories have one thing in common. They acted out of faith because they were sure of the promise to come, the promise of a Savior. The whole Bible points to the hero we have in Jesus, the one who defeated evil and now seated on his throne. This week we learn that Jesus is greater than any hero we can imagine and we can act in faith just like the stories in the Old Testament because we know our hero has already won.

Hebrews Together - Jesus Is Greater Than Any Sacrifice

Joe Coffey | This week Pastor Joe taught us why Jesus' death on the cross was greater than any other sacrifice that has been made. His sacrifice tells us how broken we are, how much he loves us, but also how we can receive healing for the things we've done to others and the things done to us. No one can heal us like Jesus. He came to earth, both fully God and fully man, to rescue us and make his name known. We can always look to the cross as a constant reminder of the sacrifice made for us and God's deep love for us. 

Hebrews Together - Jesus Is Greater Than Any High Priest

Joe Coffey | In the Old Testament, we see high priests making sacrifices for the sins of the people and themselves. It was the system God set up to cleanse the souls of his people. The problem with high priests is that they were still human, meaning they still sinned and would eventually pass away. But then in the New Testament, we see Jesus, our holy, unstained, perfect high priest who will reign forever. He represents us to God, washing us of the filth that clings so closely to our souls, and gives us his righteousness. This exchange means we can boldly approach God, removing our insecurities and giving us courage as we face trials. In Jesus, we have our greater high priest.

Hebrews Together - Jesus Is Greater Than You

Joe Coffey | This week we learned that as humans, we inherently struggle to rest our body and soul. It is difficult to not constantly question, “Am I good enough?” or “Have I done enough?”. Rest doesn’t come naturally because we have a hard time believing that God has and will continue to provide everything we could ever need. But then we look to see Jesus, the one who can sympathize with our weaknesses. The one who has endured more than we could every imagine, and tells us we are his. It is with confidence that we can look to Jesus and receive mercy, finding rest for our weary souls.

Hebrews Together - Jesus Is Greater Than Moses

Joe Coffey | This week, Pastor Joe taught us why Jesus is greater than Moses. We learned that Jesus is both an apostle and a high priest, making a way to God for us. And nobody, not even Moses, can do what Jesus did by dying on a cross as our sacrificial lamb.

Hebrews Together - Jesus Is Greater Than Angels

Zach Weihrauch | Join us as Pastor Zach continues our Hebrews Together series by sharing why Jesus is greater than angels. Angels carry a temporary message from God, but Jesus is more than a messenger—Jesus has a more authoritative voice than any angel or prophet, and his message satisfies all of our deepest needs. We do not have to search for signs or messages from angels because in Jesus, we can go straight to the source who is now seated at the right hand of God.

Hebrews Together - Jesus Is Greater Than Any Prophet

Joe Coffey | Hebrews Together is officially here! Pastor Joe kicked off this new series by showing us how Jesus is greater than all the prophets who came before him, delivering messages from God. In Jesus we see more than just a message, we see God fully revealed in human form, making it possible for us to know him intimately.

The Transforming Power of Community

Todd Iannetta | This weekend we heard from Pastor Todd Iannetta about the transforming power of community. We learned that not only should our church community be a place that others can be broken, loved, and restored, but that those changes can start with us.

Orchard NEO Weekend

Orchard NEO Weekend was a celebration of both the mission God has given us as a church, to ensure every neighborhood of Northeast Ohio has an effective gospel-centered church and the role he has given each of us to play in that mission. If you missed it, make sure you take the assessment at to learn what part you can play in our church planting mission!

Dirty Dozen - The Paralytic

Joe Coffey | How often do you go to God asking for what you think you need, but he answers that prayer in a different way? Many times we think we know exactly what we need in order to keep us safe, happy, or cared for. But Jesus sees what we really need, even if it isn't what we expect. The same thing happens when the paralytic man is dropped in front of Jesus. Many see what his apparent needs are, but Jesus goes deeper and addresses the root issue. Join us as Pastor Joe preaches from Mark 2:1-12 on what we think we need, what we really need, and where we can find both.

Dirty Dozen - The Thief on the Cross

Joe Coffey | During Jesus' crucifixion, two other men, criminals, were crucified with him. The words they exchanged while their deaths quickly approached reveals a great deal of Jesus' heart and why he saves us. Join us for this message in the Dirty Dozen series as Pastor Joe teaches from Luke 23:32-43 on how one of the dying men asked the wrong question, one of dying men asked the right question, and one of the dying men gave a shocking answer.

Dirty Dozen - The Canaanite Woman

Zach Weihrauch | Have you ever asked yourself why you think God wants to help you? While it sounds like an odd or harsh question, it reveals a lot about our heart, theology, and expectations of God. Through the gospel, we know that the only reason God helps us is because of Jesus- not our actions, good deeds, or position in life. Scripture is full of stories about people asking mighty things from God, trusting he will provide. Join us as Pastor Zach teaches from Mark 7:24-28 on why the story of the Canaanite Woman offends us, why it didn't offend her, and why she’s right.

Dirty Dozen - The Woman Who Made Jesus Late

Joe Coffey | Join us as Pastor Joe preaches from Mark 5:21-43 on how one woman stepping out in faith and believing that even one touch from Jesus could heal her after twelve years of sickness revealed the power of Jesus to everyone around her.

Dirty Dozen - Nicodemus

Mike Holwerda | If Jesus was going to tell someone to change, most people might think Nicodemus would be the last person on that list. He was a Pharisee, ruler of Jews, and a highly moral teacher. He already had all his ducks in a row, nothing left to change! At least he thought. But Jesus knew what Nicodemus really needed, and that was to be reborn. Join us as Pastor Mike preaches from John 2:23-3:15 on what Jesus knows that only Jesus knows, what Jesus can do that only Jesus could do, and how Nicodemus can live in a way no one else can.

Dirty Dozen - The Woman at the Well

Zach Weihrauch | Sometimes the loudest voices in our head are the negative things that people have said about us. Maybe you grew up hearing negative things from parents, friends, or teachers about who you are and what you're worth. It's hard not to let those things dictate how we view ourselves. So, imagine the woman at the well's thoughts when Jesus approached her and asked for a drink of water. Being a Samaritan woman with a known history of being with many men, she was not used to being approached by anyone-- especially not a Jewish man. The world made it clear to here she was worthless. But in one short conversation, Jesus changed her view of herself and the world. And he can do that for you too. Join us as Pastor Zach preaches from John 4 on how we view ourselves, how God views us, how we can go from our way to God's way, and what happens when we do.

Dirty Dozen - Zacchaeus

Zach Weihrauch | An encounter with Jesus always produces change is us, even those of us who seemingly already have all we need. Join us as Pastor Zach preaches about from Luke 19:1-10 on what made Zaccheus an unlikely person to change by explaining why change is a problem, why change is what it's all about, and why change is not what you think.

Dirty Dozen - Thomas

Joe Coffey | The entirety of our Christian faith anchors on one thing: the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So when we are asked to believe that the Son of God was killed, buried, and then walked out of the grave, is it any wonder that we struggle with doubt? Is believing that Jesus defeated death, resulting in our salvation, too good to be true? Jesus knew people would doubt. Scripture shows how he addresses doubt through the man we all might know as "Doubting Thomas." Listen to this weeks message in the Dirty Dozen series as Pastor Joe shows us how Jesus understands and addresses our doubts, yet includes us in his story anyway.

Dirty Dozen - Mary Magdalene

Joe Coffey | We've all been there, in a situation where we don't know what to do or say. Maybe it's a person on the street asking for money, or a tragic situation in a friend's life. We often find ourselves in circumstances where we just can't find the right words to say. Or maybe you've been on the other end of that scenario. Maybe you have been the person experiencing deep grief or a painful trial, and you notice that people are pulling away from you. Phone calls go unanswered, and you don't know where to go for help. You feel like nobody sees you. In both situations, we can look to Jesus and his interactions with Mary Magdalene. Listen to this weeks message in our Dirty Dozen series to learn how Jesus sees us when it feels like nobody else can, seeks us out and engages us no matter what's going on in our life, and makes a place for us when we feel like we don't belong.

Dirty Dozen - Peter

Joe Coffey | Have you ever felt like you’re not worthy of Jesus’ love because you have failed him in some way? If so, you’re in good company. Even Peter, called to be the rock upon which Jesus would build his church, failed Jesus pretty spectacularly. Peter denied he knew Jesus three times after Jesus was arrested, despite assuring Jesus, he would stay faithful to him. Peter should have been disqualified from being used by God from that point on, but he wasn’t... and he went on to bring thousands of people to Christ. The reason? Jesus’ grace and forgiveness. The same grace and forgiveness he has for all of us if we’re willing to accept it.

Dirty Dozen - The Demon Possessed Man

Todd Iannetta | It's easy for us to look around, see people who have ended up at terrible points in their lives by making bad decisions, and think, "That could never be me." Should we be so sure, though? There is a road to evil, but most people don't choose to walk down it consciously. We don't set out to be "bad people," but we do we make little decisions to give in to sinful desires, taking small steps that we hardly notice or justify to ourselves. By the time we realize what we've done, it may feel like we've gone too far to turn back. The things we seek most in life end up controlling us, and if those things are sinful by nature, we can end up miserable and at a point where we hardly recognize ourselves anymore. Unless, as Todd explains today, we experience a collision of mercy that changes our course and ultimately saves us from ourselves.

Dirty Dozen - Levi

Joe Coffey | Followers of Christ are often characterized as the "good people" living clean lives, but when we look at those who first followed Jesus, we realize that many definitely don't fit that description. Take Matthew for instance: He was a tax collector hated by his fellow Jews for his service to the Romans, but when Jesus called him as a follower, he immediately obeyed. Jesus knows we're all sinners; it's a willingness to change that matters most to him. Matthew heard the call, felt the touch, and embraced the change of Jesus. As Pastor Joe explains in today's sermon, we can, too.

Micah 6:8 Weekend - How RZIM Makes Jesus Famous

Nine years ago, Sanj Kalra gave his life to Jesus, going through what he calls a "Saul to Paul" conversion. Through forgiveness and reconciliation with God, he not only turned away from a sinful life, but eventually became a globe-traveling speaker for Ravi Zaccharias International Ministries (RZIM), an organization of evangelists using apologetics to "influence the influencers" in society by asking and answering questions about faith. Listen today as he tells us about the work RZIM is doing around the world, from corporate boardrooms to academic halls to political centers, as we feature RZIM in addition to our ministry to refugees in Rome during this Micah 6:8 weekend.

Great Question - If God is real and loves us, why doesn’t he make himself more obvious?

Joe Coffey | When we look for evidence of God, we might search for a loud voice to roll through the earth, or for writing to appear in the sky. Maybe we think that if God is real and loves us, he won't allow tragedies to happen in our lives. Scripture makes claims that God is all-powerful and all-knowing, so we look for obvious signs that prove those claims. So what's the problem with God being "obvious"? Join us for the last week of our Great Questions series as Pastor Joe preaches on the clearest sign of God's existence: lives radically transformed by Jesus Christ.

Great Question - What can God tell me that science can’t?

Joe Coffey | What can God tell us that science can't? Sometimes it feels easy to explain away any problem we face, whether it's in our own life or another's. There is a simple answer as to why socioeconomic problems exist, research to prove why some people get cancer while others don't, and data to show why divorce is so common. But what happens when the pain we experience can't be explained away? What happens when we are searching for healing, connection, and a place to dwell, but the facts are helping? It is in those moments that God meets us with something that science can't: love. Tune in as Pastor Joe teaches us how the deep, unfailing, and faithful love of God can transform our soul.

Great Question - How can God be loving and send people to Hell?

Zach Weihrauch | Conversations about hell can be personal and painful. Maybe you've been told you will go to hell, or maybe you're unsure about what happened to a loved one after their passing. It can be difficult to understand why a loving God would send people to hell. But for just 30 minutes, consider putting those past experiences aside and listen to Pastor Zach Weihrauch argue that hell proves God is loving, as it is a monument that God sees and cares for victims.

Great Question - If God is good, why is my life full of pain and difficulty?

Joe Coffey | At some point in life, everyone will face trials of suffering, it's an inevitable part of the human experience. But how do we make sense of God's goodness along with the bad things that happen to us? One thing we know from Scripture is that God wants us to ask that question. Join Pastor Joe as he teaches why a simple answer will never suffice. Only Jesus can.

Only Jesus - Offers Forgiveness

Joe Coffey | "It is finished." The last three words Jesus spoke before his final breath hold significant meaning. They signify the cost of forgiveness, the reality that the Son of God had to die in order for our relationship with God to be restored. Tune in to our Easter service as Pastor Joe preaches on forgiveness and it's unique ability to heal our souls.

Only Jesus - Offers a Home

Joe Coffey | The idea of home means different things to different people. For some, it's a place or a person, maybe for others, it's a specific smell or sound that feels like home. We all long for a place where we fit, a place where we are comfortable, loved, and understood. But in reality, those feelings are just a faint glimmer of our true home, our heavenly home where God dwells. Join us as we continue our Only Jesus series as Pastor Joe teaches from John 14:1-6 about our search for home, the price of home, and the promise home.

Only Jesus - Offers Hope

Zach Weihrauch | In the chaos of life, we can start to feel like God is far removed from the pain and frustration of our daily lives. Maybe we know that he is all-knowing and that we can go to him and prayer, but we forget that he is a God of empathy, who defeated death through his son, Jesus. How might fully embracing that truth change the way we live, pray, and respond to tough circumstances? Join us as Pastor Zach teaches us that only Jesus truly understands us, loves us, and can help us.

Only Jesus - The True Shepherd

Joe Coffey | John 10:7-15 compares humans to sheep, making the claim that Jesus is our one true shepherd. The funny part about that? Sheep are extremely dumb, dependent, and in constant need of direction from their shepherd. Tune in as Pastor Joe explains (in human terms) why we, like sheep, truly need Jesus as our shepherd.

Only Jesus - Offers Sight

Joe Coffey | Often times when things go wrong we are tempted to think one of two things: this is my fault, or there is someone else I can blame for this. We bounce between anger and guilt, continually asking why we are hurting and why bad things are happening. Yet in John 9:1-11, Jesus presents a third option of why we suffer. As Jesus gives sight to a blind man, he says the man suffered so that the works of God might be displayed in him. Tune in as Pastor Joe explains how Jesus' work can help us see our suffering differently.

Only Jesus - Offers Light

Zach Weihrauch | Sometimes life feels like we are walking around in darkness. At times we are unsure which decision is the right one, wondering where we should go next, and asking God why hard things are happening to us. We've all been there. The truth about our nature is that we're born into a world where we don't know what we're doing, we're born into darkness. Join Pastor Zach as he preaches from John 8:12-20 on how the light of Jesus can offer us clarity, certainty, and confidence as we walk through life.

Only Jesus - Offers Life

Todd Iannetta | It's easy to think if we just had a little bit more of one thing, we'd be content. "If I just had a little bit more money, if I lost a little bit more weight, if my wife just listened a little bit better, then I'd be happy." We all have something. But what happens if we get what we want and we're still not happy? Or what if we never get that one thing we really think we need? Jesus knew we'd always be hungry for something but shows us that he is the only thing that can truly satisfy. Tune in as Pastor Todd teaches how only Jesus gives us life.

Only Jesus - Offers Joy

Joe Coffey | John 2:1-11 tells the often referenced story of Jesus surprising guests at a wedding by turning water into wine. This surprises many people, because it may seem odd that the first miracle Jesus ever performed publicly was turning one beverage into another. However, in this message Pastor Joe shares how this miracle can show us that Jesus is the Lord of the feast, and therefore the source of all joy.

Christianity: Famous of Infamous? - Good or Bad for the World

Joe Coffey | With so many religions, political parties, and special interest groups in our culture, why should Christianity be the best thing for this world? This week Pastor Joe discusses why the "Shalom," a Hebrew word meaning peace, wholeness, and flourishing, that God offers is the best thing for our word.

Christianity: Famous of Infamous? - Justice or Injustice

Mike Holwerda | Life is full of "that's not right" moments. But have you ever stopped to wonder... how did we get here? So often, we find that the church is implicit with the injustices of our time. We tend to be more involved in church-things than justice-things. It seems easier to focus on daily devotionals and church programming and lose focus on social concern or advocacy. How can the church become a place that values justice? Listen to this weeks message in the series, "Christianity: Famous or Infamous?" to learn how you can Make Jesus Famous in your life.

Christianity: Famous or Infamous? - Judgmental or Merciful

Joe Coffey | A recent study found that 87% of people outside the church view Christians as judgemental. In contrast, during Jesus' lifetime he was accused of many things, but never of being judgemental. Nobody wants to admit that they have a habit of judging others, but with such a stark contrast between how the world views us and how Jesus lived, something must change. In this message, Pastor Joe shares how we can look to Jesus and move from being judgemental to merciful.

Christianity: Famous or Infamous? - Us vs. Them

Joe Coffey | The Bible has a lot to say about equality, but what does that matter for us today? In this message, Pastor Joe starts off the new series, Christianity: Famous of Infamous?, by speaking on the idea of "Us vs. Them." Listen to learn how the church has failed and succeeded in the past to treat everyone with love and care, as well as how we can all work to be agents of restoration in our communities today.

Make Jesus Famous - In Our Region

Joe Coffey & Zach Weihrauch | As we continue to Make Jesus Famous this year, Pastor Joe introduces new staff member, Zach Weihrauch, who is leading our new church planting initiative, Orchard NEO. Listen as Zach shares about the importance of The Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and how the church is meant to fulfill Jesus' commands to make disciples of all the nations.

Make Jesus Famous - In Your Community

Joe Coffey | After focusing on our homes, Pastor Joe shares how the next step in Making Jesus Famous is to make Him known in our communities. Listen as we learn how we can start by focusing on sharing Jesus with one friend this year, being intentional in the groups we belong to, and also being an active blessing to the city.

Make Jesus Famous - In Your Home

Joe Coffey |  In this message Pastor Joe shares that a good place to start Making Jesus Famous is in our homes. As we invite Jesus into our homes, he sees us for who we really are and transforms our hearts. We can celebrate and remember all that God has done in ourselves, recalling his faithfulness to our family members. It would only be natural to then make our homes a place of refuge for those who don't know Jesus, inviting people into our lives to "come and see" all He has done.

Make Jesus Famous - Make Jesus Famous

Joe Coffey | This week Pastor Joe introduces our theme for 2019: Make Jesus Famous! Listen as he shares about what it means to make Jesus famous, why we should worry about making him famous, and how we can all use our personal stories of how Jesus has healed our wounds to make him known.


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