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I Don't Care What They Say

Tune in as Pastor Joe shares how Jesus interacts with Matthew and models the need to be with non-Christians on their turf, wherever that takes him.

The Ascension

Tune in as Pastor Zach shares how in his ascension and now at the right hand of the Father, Jesus reigns and continues his mission to the ends of the earth, primarily through the church.

The Teaching

 In Jesus' appearance with his disciples, he confirms his physical and bodily resurrection and commissions his disciples to reimagine their lives around sharing the gospel's good news. 

The Road

Pastor Zach shares how on the road to Emmaus, Jesus situates and elevates himself as the central and pivotal figure in the redemptive story of God. 

Come & See – The Resurrection

As we celebrate Easter, Pastor Joe shares how in the resurrection, Jesus separates himself from everyone and everything, forcing us to contemplate all he has said and did seriously. 

Come & See – The Crucifixion

Pastor Joe teaches how in Jesus' ugly crucifixion, the full beauty and goodness of Jesus are on display by saving the thief, trusting in God, and tearing the temple curtain, opening up the very presence of God to us. 

Who is the Greatest?

Tune in as Pastor Zach shares about the security we can find in Jesus when we know who we are.

Come & See – The Trial

Pastor Joe shares from Luke 22 on how at his trial, Jesus carries himself with remarkable confidence and calm before the powers at be, having full assurance in the plan of the Father.

Come & See – The Denial

Tune in as Pastor Zach shares how Jesus redeems our biggest mistakes and gives us hope.

Come & See – The Betrayal and Arrest

Come and see as Pastor Joe teaches from Luke 22 on how in Jesus' betrayal and arrest, he models incredible love for his enemies, foreshadowing his display of love on the cross. 

Come & See – The Prayer

This week, Pastor Joe shares how, in the prayer from Luke 23:39-46, Jesus models unshakeable faith and obedience to the Father amid impending, unthinkable suffering and pain. 

Come & See – The Passover

The Power of Reimagined Lives

What does it look like when an entire church reimagines life because of Jesus? Tune in as Pastor Zach shares how the church in Thessalonica transformed their worship from idols and towards the living and true God. In this message, we see evidence of a reimagined life, such as finding joy in affliction, showing news-worthy love, and exemplifying a hope that is worth following.

Reimagine Life Because of Jesus – The Pattern of God

As we continue our series, Pastor Joe teaches from Luke 19:1-10 on how the Reimagine Story is the natural response to Jesus, whether they are Christians or not. He also shares how this tool is a great way to invite people to reimagine life because of Jesus.

Reimagine Life Because of Jesus – The Command of Jesus, the Commitment of CCC

Join us as Pastor Joe reads from Matthew 28:16-20 and highlights the overarching goals of Reimagine, unpacks how they are a much needed change as we continue to share the gospel locally, and envisions the difference they could have here, there, and everywhere.

Reimagine Life Because of Jesus – A Road to Somewhere

Tune in as Pastor Joe shares from Acts 1:8 on the foundational, Jesus-given mission of the church to reach the world with the gospel. As we kick off our new series, Reimagine Life Because of Jesus, we see how the new vision for CCC connects to the rhythm of the early church and is the natural expression of our church's growth.

Dream Big

2020 was a difficult year for most of us. Tune in as Pastor Joe discusses why God is closer than we might think, and that God does not dismiss our pain, but uses it. Let's dream big in 2021!

Advent - Living in Hope

Join us as Pastor Zach shares how making the changes God wants us to make in our lives is a task that requires endurance, and how those changes are made by trusting God.

Advent - The Power of Hope

Tune in as we hear Pastor Joe share the true hope and peace that the birth of Jesus brought to the earth.

Advent - The Origin of Hope

Throughout life, we all have good days and bad days. In the midst of that reality, it's easy to wonder: What is the purpose of all this? What is the end goal? Tune in as Pastor Zach shares how God provides the hope and meaning we desperately need. And while following him doesn't mean you have the answers to all your questions, it does mean you can live your days – both good and bad – with an end goal in mind.

Advent - The Hope of Advent

In the first week of our Advent series, we are digging in to the idea of hope. We know that everyone needs hope because 2020 alone has shown us that things aren't as they should be. But where should we place our hope? Tune in as Pastor Joe shares how we know we can place our hope in Jesus.

Rhythms of the Church - The Rhythm of the Church

This weekend, Pastor Todd Iannetta shared from Acts 1:8 on how God’s story for the church did not end in the book of Acts. Rather, the gift of the Holy Spirit empowers us to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth and continue to grow his church. Tune in to hear how God uses the pattern of the church, the power of the church, and the people of the church to transform lives and make his name known!

Rhythms of the Church - The Gospel is for Everyone

The Bible is the story of God making and keeping some wonderful, life-changing promises. Join us as Pastor Zach teaches from Acts 13, sharing who those promises are for and how that should change the way we live.

Rhythms of the Church - The Gospel, the Church, and the Mission

Join us as we read from the New Testament and learn how real transformation involves three parts: a heart changed by the gospel, a connection to the local church, and a missional lifestyle.

Rhythms of the Church - Effective Witnesses

As we get ready to launch Reimagine, the new vision for CCC might seem like everything feels new and different. But truthfully, Reimagine is just a way for CCC to take seriously and localize the mission of Jesus. In this message, Zach shares from Acts 17:16-34 how Paul is an excellent example of being a witness to his community. Tune in as we learn how to be an effective witness; we must have broken hearts, informed minds, a courageous spirit, and clear memories.

Rhythms of the Church - The Power of Conversion

Christianity has always been about a total transformation. Your trust goes from one thing to Jesus, and you're completely changed. Join us as we learn how Saul became Paul by coming into contact with the real God, knowing the living Jesus, and experiencing a life-changing relationship.

Rhythms of the Church - The First Church

As we go through the book of Acts, we hope that CCC can start to look more and more like the early church. We anticipate the same kind of excitement about the Gospel and the multiplication of Christians. But how do we get there? Tune in as Pastor Joe shares the three main characteristics of the first church and how they shape CCC's vision.

Rhythms of the Church - The Mission Starts with You

We desire to see a movement of God in Northeast Ohio, and as we study Acts, we see that starts with personal evangelism. We know we will never be successful in our mission of making disciples if we don't talk about Jesus with other people. But where do we start? Tune in as Pastor Zach shares from Acts 2 on why every person is called to have gospel conversations that are simple, biblical, relevant, and challenging.

Rhythms of the Church - The Center of a Movement

This week, Pastor Zach shared how at the center of every movement is a person who truly believes. If we want to see a movement of God, it begins with you living out your faith in a way that brings others in. Tune in as he shares how movements begin, die, and last.


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